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The Process

Move You is not just aimed at people looking for expensive properties. You may have wondered if it was just for people searching for a place with its own helicopter pad. However, the reality is that Move You is for every strata of the market.

Whatever your property search requirements, we can fulfil them.

Property search process

We use our decade of experience in the property market, our wide range of contacts, and our dedicated team of property search consultants, to look through the widest range of rental and sales options available.

Our property search process covers the whole market. From a two bedroom end terrace to a four bedroom bungalow, Move You can help the search for any home, regardless of its type.

If we consider it logically, then people with smaller budgets would hugely benefit from the service, as it ensures that they make a wise investment with their valuable cash.

Finding the right property

When searching for a new rental or sale property, people would usually just choose an agent on the high street. However, this could be greatly limiting your options. There is such a vast spectrum of properties on the market, that to commit to just one agent seems to be selling your potential future home a little short.

Our experienced team of property search consultants work with numerous agents, landlords and property contacts to find you the best property on the market.

UK Property Finders Testimonials

"I would just like to say a huge thank you to the Move You Team. Your help with finding a property for me and my family to rent has been brilliant. You have provided an excellent service and everyone I have spoken to over the last ten days (that's all it took to find the perfect place) was polite and professional. What a refreshing change to deal with a team of people who obviously work so well together and do their jobs so competently."

- Hayley, Move You customer

"I recently found a situation where I had to move house quite quickly. My friend told me about Move You so I gave them a call to see if they could help. I paid the small fee and became a member. I gave all my criteria to the gentleman, who was very polite and understanding with my situation."

- Angela, Move You customer

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